Anna aka Golem is a passionate potter, facilitator and teacher. Try one of her custom workshops or book a flexibly scheduled private classes and start creating amazing functional ceramics right away!

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 Classes & workshops

1. Pottery on the GO: Flexibly scheduled classes for busy folks - private

Join our Private Pottery course designed for busy professionals with flexible scheduling! Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, Pottery on the Go (POG) is perfect for learning new skills, creating on the wheel or hand-building, and completing projects in a fun and supportive environment. My cozy home studio offers personalized attention and flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle. We'll cover various topics including clay types, preparation, throwing, hand-building, decorating, and glazing. We can also work on your projects - gift sets, flower pots, plates, vases, candleholders, just remember to gather inspiration on that Pinterest board! Don't worry about unfinished work - we'll keep it safe until your next visit! For more details go to booking!

2. MUG making workshop - hand build, individuals or groups up to 5-6 people

We will gather at my Burnaby studio to create mugs from scratch! Let me know what design you love most. This workshop is for the absolute beginners! 

I look forward to creating together! Here is the link to book this fun class

2. Wheel - thrown HEART MUGS making workshop - for two!

Join us for a hands-on pottery workshop for two, where you can make your own heart-shaped (or otherwise) mugs on a pottery wheel. Anna, our experienced instructor, will be there to demonstrate and guide you throughout the process. You don't need any prior experience, just a willingness to get your hands dirty and have fun! Once you're done, we'll trim and glaze your mugs in one of the glazes of your choice. Come and enjoy a unique, personalized experience!

This workshop is for the absolute beginners! 

I look forward to creating together! Click here to book!

3. KURINUKI (Hollowing out) up to 4 people

Create your version of a hand-built Chawan - Japanese teacup. This fun workshop promises us to get our hands dirty and unleash the wabi-sari aesthetics! 

We will use very simple instruments , a block of clay, and our hands to create a one-of-a-kind tea bowl.

Click here to register!

4. Nature impressions (up to 6 people)

I absolutely adore this workshop! Every session brings its own unique gifts, whether it's the blooming cherries, dandelions, lilacs, poppies, autumn leaves or evergreens. We can preserve the essence of each season in porcelain! This workshop is the easiest and most enjoyable one of them all. It always brings a smile to our faces and deepens our connection to the environment.

Lets make a wall plaque or a dish!