HEART MUG making workshop, in-person clay based

I'll offer small group (up to 5 people) heart mug-making workshops from my Burnaby home studio in the next few weeks. The price is $60 per person, all included. Please get in touch with me to get a group rate for up to 5 people.  

Please follow the link to register:

to check available days and times. I planned a variety of options, so I hope you can find the time that suits you best.


We’ll be making a pinch pot-style heart mug, which doesn't require any previous experience with clay. I uploaded a short reel demonstrating the process. It will take us 60-90 minutes to complete the project.


When you finish the mug, it will stay in the studio to dry, get glazed and to survive a toasty 2200 F firing!

You’ll be able to choose from pink, red, gray, white, black, denim blue glazes. I’ll might add more colours after the test firing.


I look forward to creating together!

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