Anna Maliatski is an artist and creator behind the GOLEM brand. Anna is translating her experience into functional and decorative ceramic pieces from a rich architectural and design background. She uses a variety of clay-forming techniques in her practice. Wheel throwing, slip casting and hand building are just a few. This process results in unique one-of-a-kind objects that never cease to amuse. Anna usually fires her ware to cones 6 & 10 in an electric kiln. Her colour pallet is reserved but expressive, often highlighted by a stroke of gold to emphasize her creations' strong, gestural, organic lines. Anna equally loves working with private clients as well as big corporations. She feels like every project pushes her further and enriches her professionally and creatively.
Ever since opening her studio in 2011, Anna has made dishes for multiple stores and restaurants, including Botanist, Hachiro Ramen, Soar Organics, Giving Gifts, West Elm, Maven Fort Langley, The Window, The Coast Goods, Craft House YVR, Urban Gardener, Hudson's Bay, and many more clients from all over the world. She makes to order several signature lines - Whistler, Particle, SIMPLE, O-planters, Heart2Heart and FLOW and produces several seasonal capsule collections each year.
By buying GOLEM's creations, you not only support the handmade movement but also gift yourself a timeless, contemporary ceramic piece that, with gentle care, will serve you for many years to come!

For Information about Expressive Arts Therapy, please visit our GOLEM EXPRESSIVE ARTS website!