Expressive Arts Individual Session - Clay Based


This Gift Certificate is an invitation to experience Expressive Arts flow in this one-hour-long creative encounter. You'll be gently guided and supported during the session in your clay -based exploration.

Anna will greet you at her private home studio in Burnaby or on Zoom*, and following a check-in, you will proceed through grounding and mindfulness practice to clay-based activity and finish with some creative writing. At the end of the session, you will feel calm, refreshed and centred. No previous art-related experience is needed! The emphasis is on the process, and not the final product. 

Anna is a Certified Expressive Arts Therapist, designer, mother, immigrant and ceramic artist. She speaks Russian and Hebrew. Her passion is to ignite that creative spark in people and create a safe space for self-care and expression. Give yourself or your loved ones a gift of a creative break!


What you will need for Expressive Arts session on Zoom:

Private, calm space

Writing supplies - pen or pencil and paper

Air hardening clay/plasticine/playdough

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