1. Intro to Expressive Arts (IEXA) course 8-10 of 60 minutes meetings

This course is for absolute beginners! It can be facilitated online and in person. At each meeting, we will explore a different gateway into visual art. This course promotes mind-body connection, relaxation and self-regulation. You will discover a rich world of Expressive Arts through various exercises. Anna is a kind, open-minded, non-judgemental facilitator. IEXA is fun, profound, life-changing, and healing. It's inclusive of our differences, whether age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, sexual identity, education, national origin, or any other distinguishing characteristic or trait.

2. Holidays/Custom events inspired group sessions/workshops

Workshops inspired by holidays, traditions, seasons, famous artworks, music and more. Anna will use her rich imagination to plan and facilitate a 90-120 minute group workshop. Depending on the group goals, we will try all or some of the ExA modalities: movement, drama, poetry, painting, working with clay, and music.
Tu Bishvat and the change of seasons inspired the latest workshop facilitated by Anna. There were two versions of it - clay-based and visual art-based:

 3. Arts groups for seniors and people living with dementia/physical disability.

Anna is very passionate about working with seniors! She has extensive experience facilitating person-centred art groups for people with disabilities and dementia. She brings kindness, gentleness, attention to detail, humour, and music to each session. She has developed numerous ways to engage seniors of all cognitive and physical levels. Anna witnessed firsthand the power of creative expression in healing, mood elevating, and grief processing in her clients and caregivers.

Art workshops for seniors