❄️I woke up this morning to snow. Amid the Holiday season, allowing myself a moment of pure being was liberating. As I followed a snowflake with my gaze, I felt inspired to start collecting these glimpses of stillness.

✨Let's collect these moments together by sharing a daily photo and a poem (rhyming or not, as short as one word) on the IG or FB stories. There is no need to try hard; let us enjoy the beauty of simplicity, the joy of the mundane, and the preciousness of being in the moment.

I created a template for the IG story, perfect for combining a picture and text, but you can use your own. DM/email me, and I’ll send it to you. You can see the example in my stories.

❄️Please tag #PoeticLens @GolemExpressiveArts so I can put your creations in the permanent stories.

❄️I'll run this flash mob on FB as well. Please invite your friends to participate! 

You can also use this for your journal or exploration; however, sharing with a community of like-minded people is an enriching experience! 


Free template: