Anna maliatski, Expressive Arts Therapist
Anna Maliatski, MA,
​Certified Expressive Art Therapist, OEATA

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Why Expressive Art Therapy?

Expressive Arts is a great alternative to talk therapy. With its emphasis on connecting with the body and using it as a tool for a creative outlet, Expressive Arts can reach deep within one's soul.

During my workshops or private sessions, I use a person-centred, intermodal approach to foster self-care, a deeper understanding of individual creative abilities, and embracing all of the humanity within.

We will work on restoring the connection between the body and mind. Using gentle movement, breathing, and art-making, I'm helping my clients re-discover their inner world and bring back the sense of play and spontaneity. 

Who will benefit from ExAT?

Expressive Arts have no boundaries; it is inclusive for all ages, genders, races, and physical abilities. Some of the Expressive Arts modalities include movement, sound, visual arts, eco-arts and do not require any artistic experience to enjoy the benefits.

I work with anxiety and depression, isolation, trauma, PTSD, chronic illness, support healing, general well-being and self-care. ExAT can also help with creative blocks and bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

What if I'm not artistic?

I believe that everyone has a spark of creativity that often gets lost and forgotten in the hiatus of modern life. I see my role in creating a safe space to explore and re-discover my client's rich inner world.

Your journey will be witnessed with kindness and understanding, free of judgement. I will meet you where you are and support your exploration at your own pace.

I love combining movement, breathing, visual arts, clay, and poetry in the session. It's natural to feel worried or unsure at the beginning of Expressive Arts Therapy so we will move gently and slowly within the individual comfort zone. 

Therapy Session Rates
Individual session:
1 Hour Session - $85 plus 5% GST (89.00)
1.5 Hours - $110 plus 5% GST (115.50)

Group workshops:

I offer different visual art-based, and clay-based workshops to groups and organizations. The price depends on the format, the number of participants, theme, travel distance and art supplies, but generally falls within 25-60 $ per person range.

To discuss your upcoming workshop, please email me at

Where are you located?

I have a small pottery studio and art room adjacent to my Burnaby home. It's very private and comfortable. I can accommodate up to 4 people at a time, so it is ideal for private sessions and small groups. My dog Arthur might want to greet you, but he will not be joining us during the session. I provide all art supplies. I also have significant experience working on Zoom if you prefer the comfort of your home.